Bitpetite is a Brand New cryptocurrency-operated HYIP That Initiated its The program offers two tariff strategies with the return 147 percent and 180 percent for 6 and 9 months respectively. Besides profitable investment offer, the project has a high quality site, good technical part, correct promotion, which make the project attractive for investors in its category.

On the Bitpetite site you’ll find everything you need to invest in the HYIP and receive the affiliate benefits. The site design deserves 5 out of 5 stars. A special thanks to the webmaster for live support, easy to use profit calculator, an extensive FAQ section giving pointers to help you take advantage of your investment, including social media accounts, Skype and Telegram chats. The website is now available only in English.

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As Stated above, the program offers two investment plans with distinct term and the yield:

147% after 42 times (4,5% per day on work and One % on weekends), chief included payouts
180 percent after 63 days (3,6% per day on work and 1% on weekends), principal included payouts

In both instances minimum deposit amount is 0.005 BTC / 0.035 ETH ($10). Relatively long investment duration may discourage some investors that prefer fast gain. But on the flip side, daily principal payments allow reaching a break-even point considerably sooner than a deposit maturity date: on the 29th or the 35th day after depositing in the second or first tariff strategy respectively.

All payments and deposits are made in Bitcoin. Freeze the current Bitcoin exchange rate for the term of the deposit and get your returns in dollars. Withdrawals are made instantly upon request.

Important Characteristic of the Program is that you can spend BTC/ETH with or without conversion to USD. The conversion makes the BTC/USD rate at the present time of deposit fixed for the duration of deposit.

For Example, you spend BTC in 4.5% per day without conversion to USD. For every 1 BTC you spend for 6 months, you will get 0.045 BTC a weekday. Your weekly earnings will probably be 0.245 BTC (5 weekdays at 4.5% and two weekend days at 1%).

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On the other hand, if you invest BTC at 4.5% per day with to USD at the current exchange rate (let’s say 1 BTC = 950 USD), you’ll receive $42.75 a weekday for every 1 BTC you invest for 6 months. Your earnings will be calculated in USD at the exact same exchange rate as at the time of this deposit. At the time of withdrawal, your earnings will be converted to BTC in the exchange rate current for your minute of payout.

Along with the profitable tariff plans the project offers a 3-tier Affiliate Program with 10%-5%-2% benefit. Referral link can be found in your account following the registration process. Affiliate commission can be asked to draw immediately after its accrual. There’s also a 3-tier Representative App with around 12% reward.

Domain and Technical details of Bitpetite site are quite credible. A good hosting server, SSL certificate, DDoS protection are important indicators of reliability of this HYIP. The domain registration ends on June 14, 2018.

Bitpetite is a well-done cryptocurrency-operated HYIP which surely Deserves a whole lot of attention and can be considered as rewarding Investment project. With the Perfect strategy to HYIP investing, right Calculation of when to enter and depart the job, you might earn a great profit. Comparatively long investment duration may discourage some investors Who prefer fast profit. Permit reaching a break-even point much sooner than a deposit adulthood date.


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